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Interest Only Mortgage Options

with an adjustable-rate mortgage, interest-only and option-ARM monthly payments can increase, even during the I-O-payment or option period. by making I-O or minimum payments, you will not be building equity in your home by paying down the principal on the loan, even though you are making monthly payments.

A mortgage is "interest only" if the scheduled monthly mortgage payment – the payment the borrower is required to make –consists of interest only. The option to pay interest only lasts for a specified period, usually 5 to 10 years. Borrowers have the right to pay more than interest if they want to.

Interest only investor mortgage loans allow a buyer to defer principal payments for a fixed period of time. This strategy is not without risk.

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Click to learn how an interest-only mortgage might fit your financial needs.. want to consider a different option like an adjustable rate mortgage or an FHA loan.

Interest only mortgage payments appeal to many because of the low. The interest-only option can apply to adjustable-rate mortgages and.

Interest-Only Mortgage Payments and Payment-Option ARMs | 5 Mortgage Shopping Worksheet (See the Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages to help you com- pare other ARM features and Looking for the Best Mortgage to help you compare other loan features.

A retirement interest-only mortgage is a mortgage that lets you pay the.. for two, three, five or ten years (or there are variable rate options).

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Why should I choose an interest only mortgage? Laura Sillano Pod Financial 169 Interest-only loans can be an option for some investors. Investors will usually use interest-only loans to purchase a property and make minimal repayments. Many investors use this strategy because interest payments on an investment home loan are tax deductible.

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For some borrowers, an interest-only mortgage can offer an attractive way to minimize their mortgage payments while preserving the option to make payments .

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jumbo interest-only arm Our Jumbo Interest-Only ARM is ideal for homebuyers who prefer a lower monthly payment during their first years of their loan. Buyers who plan to sell a property after a short period of ownership may also benefit from interest-only financing.